ActVnet is an innovative school safety program that grew out of the urgent need to improve security in schools and make sure that kids, teachers, and staff are safe. Its main goal is to create a standard of safety with all it’s partners throughout the region. From the beginning, consistency has been the main goal.
ActVnet’s vision emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership between two groups: educators and first responders. We collaborated with school officials and staff members who have been through crises in the past to learn about their specific needs and problems in an emergency. Through relationships, ActVnet was able to make the program fit the needs of educators and make sure that the solution would work well with first responders’ current procedures and resources. How did we get here?

In 2018, the Tulare County Office of Education created an advisory group of first responders and brought them together because they all cared about school safety and wanted to do something more. This advisory group included law enforcement, fire and emergency services, medical centers, and mental health groups. Realizing how important it is for emergency services and schools to work together during critical incidents, they were asked what the Tulare County Office of Education could do to improve their response in an emergency. The list was long, but a shared mapping structure was by far the most crucial item on it. This was the first step on the way of developing the ActVnet program.


Our initial plan was to develop a map that showed all of the school sites in a consistent visual format, detailing the layout of the school’s infrastructure, the location of shut-off valves, and access points. We also needed a way for educators and first responders to navigate and communicate effectively while on campus. That required uniform navigational reference signs that could be used at any site. So we created building signs with Building IDs unique to each building. Using signs and the alphanumeric system for the campus layout, Building IDs play an essential role in coordinating location information for efficient on-ground operations. ActVnet’s Building ID campus plan and signs enable first responders to navigate campuses more quickly and effectively


ActVnet remains committed to continuous improvement and adaptation. We regularly seek input from educational institutions as well as first responders to improve the program and solve new challenges. ActVnet also conducts regular training sessions and drills to ensure that all parties involved are well prepared to utilize the platform effectively in times of crisis.

As ActVnet continues to gain momentum, its impact extends beyond Tulare County. Other counties and districts are showing interest and joining the program because they see the value it brings to keeping schools and first responders safe. ActVnet began collaborating with neighboring communities and sharing best practices to facilitate the adoption and implementation of the program.

ActVnet’s vision has always been to provide an effective, connected system that improves school security and safety. By developing partnerships, implementing mapping technology, and continually connecting with everyone involved, ActVnet strives to create a standard in safety and revolutionize the way first responders and schools connect during emergencies, ultimately creating safer environments and saving lives.